Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PHLC: Linggo ng Wika

Today is "Linggo ng Wika" celebration for all students in Perpetual Help Learning Center and definitely a must see event. This is the first time that all classes in their school should present and make a booth that represent a region which is pre-assigned per class. In Bembem's class Grade 1 section Blue, they showcased all popular food representing Region 3 (Central Luzon) and to my surprise all parents specially those SAHM (stay at home mom) are very much involved in this event. Although there are contribution for their baro't saya costume some parents volunteer to bring some food delicacies like palabok, biko, puto, chicharon, pulvoron and other finger foods. To complete the booth, they decorate it with some palayok, dayami and other materials that makes it Filipiniana style. See picture above.

The difference of this event from the past are all students participated in the celebration by presenting a group dance or group recitation of a poem (sabayang pagbigkas) wherein all students are in their own costume related to what region they are representing for Bembem's class they are representing Region 3 Central Luzon. And to make it excited the school awarded those group who have their best performance, best in booth, most behave group (i think this award helps a lot to make the event very organized without children loittering around).

And because of an organized presentation of Bembem's group they got the Best in Performance award!!!! I think we should congratulate also those mommy/daddy/tito/tita/grandma that are very active in participating in this successful event. And I'm also thankful (as in very thankful) that at once the school make this a non boring and very interactive activity for all not only for adults but also for kids. For more pictures click here


atty. marielle said...

Thanks for the nice comments Mommy Otero.

The school is really happy with the turnout of yesterday's affair. I think it was the best we've had so far! Of course it goes without saying that you cannot please everybody-- but from the smiles I saw yesterday, I think the person who approached me was definitely in the minority and it was just a small detail she was concerned about and overall she was still happy with the event.

We are very much a growing school and each activity is a learning experience for us. I agree wholeheartedly-- yesterday was definitely more fast-paced, entertaining and the children were infinitely more behaved (not to mention--all of them were involved in the program unlike the previous 2 years).

For now, we are already making notes on what we can improve for future programs--- like making a more/less mas magandang set-up ng electric fans--- were planning to make a square frame na pagdadaanan ng extension cords para talagang safe sa mga bata. Tapos repair po ng sound system-- yesterday's (Fender brand-- sosyal nga daw po) set-up was just borrowed because we did not want to take our chances with the school's own that's been bogging down at every event.

Eventually also, as the children get older, we want to instill in them a more meaningful sense of the festivities that we celebrate. For now, as basically still very young kids, we are happy with their appreciation of the events.

As for the parents like you, grabe po talaga-- sa court, madaling araw na po umuwi yung iba at naunahan ko na nga po dahil ayaw talagang tantanan ang mga kubo-kubo nila, while others naman po, madaling araw pa lang dala na yung mga booth nila sa court. tapos whole family affair talaga from the lolos/lolas to the titos/titas and even the kapitbahays and friends. meron nga lang na na medyo masyadong sineryoso yung mga awards at ayaw pang palapitin sa ibang booth yung mga anak nila kasi kalaban daw. On a more positive aspect, it gave the different families a chance to bond, nagkakilala while working on the costumes, presentations and the booths, tapos noong kainan time na masasarap talagang handa.

Also po, on a personal note, I would like to thank you for entrusting your daughter Alyssa to us from the very first day she set foot in a school set-up. Maraming salamat po. You have been with us as we took over the school and we take your comments to heart. Hopefully, the planned construction of the new school building-- it might be a 3-5 storey bldg. na school na school na talaga na di tulad ngayon po na renovated house tayo-- will start and finish in the near future, sana lang patuloy na maging maganda ang pasok ng enrollees kasi di naman po tayo makapagtaas ng tuition at medyo malaking expense din ang quinote noong architect/contractor.

Yun lang po. Again, thank you very much!

atty. marielle

rotero said...

thanks to atty marielle. Im quite surprise that you find time for reading my daughters blog since im sure you're busy also.

But seriously i enjoy that event, although maraming OA na parents pero ok lang, i also recognize their excitement for their kids.

What I'm looking forward to is the United Nation week and of course the field trip (this falls on October but im not sure if you allow this 2 activity) .... may naririnig ako field trip would be on Baguio. Whattt!!!! mukhang malabo yan laking gastos hindi kaya ng balikan yan and besides kahit ako cant afford niyan.

Anyway just count me in, im not a stage mother type to my Alyssa, but 101% ang support ko sa kanya.

For the school new bldg nga pala, san nyo nga pala balak itayo ito? Lease ba or owned na ng PHLC ang lupa? Anyway I hope mabuo nyo na yong Elementary this will make us secure dahil im one of those parents who are glad that there are still a private school within the area na hindi naman skyrocketing ang tuition.

Thanks and more power....


atty. marielle said...

the new school building po will be built in the current location-- which is my mom's property. idi-demolish yung current structure. to fast track the construction, the architect suggested the use of pre-fabricated materials which is the trend in the construction business these days-- its going to be more expensive than the usual way of doing things but it will also mean finishing faster and the building-- sturdier.